"My sessions were life-saving. I had worked with counselors before, and did
not make much progress. I felt that you absolutely believed in me, until I believed in myself!" --HR, client


"I felt immediately supported by you. My relationship with God (and myself) has been healed." MT, --client.

"Sue has a graceful intuitive ability to connect with clients and to move them toward their true best selves." --CV, Ph.D. psychotherapist

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"Doorway To Happiness"

Sue Memhard, M.Ed.

Holistic Counseling for Women

Colorado/national counseling by telephone.


I'm passionate about guiding women to rediscover their innate power, light, wisdom, and natural inner beauty.

Working together, we hold the vision of your true nature: wholeness and wellness -- in a healing agreement of safety and confidentiality. Whatever your challenge or journey, you will develop a positive and peaceful attitude in the midst of life's inevitable drama.

Connection to your own true light is strong medicine for body and soul. You will experience increased wellbeing, happiness and healing.

Please contact me at 303.993.8843 or at for a free 15 minute consultation. All sesssions are by phone. Please be mindful that I am in Colorado (MST).

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I hold a BA in English & Art and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. As both student and client, I have worked with master spiritual teachers and healers for over 25 years, and am also a happy artist, writer, wife and mother.


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Welcome. Thank you for visiting.
I bring over 25 years of experience to my counseling, in which I offer guidance and support to women desiring emotional and spiritual learning, growth and healing.

Why talk by phone even if you live close by? I've discovered that telephone counseling removes many distractions inherent in the in-person experience and allows both of us to focus more completely on YOU (land line much preferred). Call me for a free brief consultation -- you'll know if it's right for you.

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"Put a green twig in your heart and the singing bird will come" --unknown


"The word healing and the words holy and whole all mean the same thing. To be healed is to have the return of the memory of who we really are."

--Deepak Chopra