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Read about SNUFFLESNORTS, below.
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Snuflesnorts is copyrighted to Sue Memhard. My written permission must be granted to copy all or any part thereof. November, 2008




Once, snufflesnorts roamed the earth.
They lived everywhere anyone could imagine: in the sky, in the water,
even underground.
They were wild, and they were free.


That was a long time ago.

This is the story of snufflesnorts today.



Today, snufflesnorts live wherever there is a cozy place to sleep.
Generally, this means they must adopt a human.

Because of their happy nature, it’s best that they adopt a child, who will understand them at once. Adults who remember how to feel like children are also good.

Once a snufflesnort is living with you, your life is never the same.

Things can disappear.
Later, you might find them on top of a lamp or inside your shoe or who knows where.

You can always tell when you are about to have a visitor.
(If a robber comes, he will be snorted away forever).

Some snufflesnorts remember when they lived in
water, and like to swim, splash and dive. "Mersnorts" might be a better name for them.

Some remember when they lived in the sky, jumping from cloud to cloud, star to star. This is the reason they might jump up on you.

Still others dig holes in the earth. Of course! They used to live there.

Some snufflesnorts will lick your toes.

If you hurt their feelings, they will
STILL lick your toes. And forgive you instantly. This is why some people think they might be more advanced than humans.

You will probably laugh a lot.

Nobody is perfect. A common snufflesnort flaw is: they always want more to eat -- preferably what you eat. (Most "snufflesnort" food does not appeal. "YOU wouldn't like it either", they sniff). This flaw is balanced by the fact that they like to help in the kitchen.

ALL snufflesnorts want to take you for a walk.. NOW please.
SOME like to ride in a
car. There are so many nice smells to snuff outside the window.

NONE like to ride in airplanes in a box (would you?).

Please give them a special place that belongs to them. Do you think they would like your bed? (They are usually willing to share it, with hardly any snuffling).

Don't worry--a snufflsnort knows when you are sad, or feeling sick. Cuddling up next to one can make anyone feel SO MUCH BETTER.

Research shows that snufflesnorts are only truly happy when you are.

They sometimes dream of long ago when they were wild and free.

But most of all, they just want to snuffle (and snort) with you.



Since they have an unusual appearance, and they like to fit in, over the centuries they have developed a disguise. It is thought by some biologists to be the most amazing and adaptive disguise ever created.


Their disguise has many sizes, shapes and colors, and they like it that way.



to see some snufflesnort disguises

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