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The Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation neither recommends nor endorses any particular treatment, whether complementary, alternative, or conventional. Treatment choices are personal and should always be made in consultation with your physician or other health
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I saw Dr. Charles Simone today and received a great check up. I have so much energy since I began seeing him 4 weeks ago and my breast wound and tumor are shrinking. I have Stage 4 Breast Cancer and have had 30 days of radiation and am currently on Herceptin and Zometa both by out patient IVs and also Femara which are pills to help control estrogen production in the ovaries. So far, I do not feel ill. I feel normal. My hair has grown back. It fell out last year due to fear.

Last year I was rushed to the hospital when my tumor ruptured through the skin. I waited too long to seek treatment out of fear and a lack of health insurance. I spent an awful week in the hospital and not liking the assigned doctors, I asked to be checked out as soon as I was medically cleared. I chose another oncologist and hospital and started making rapid progress with radiation and a great radiology nurse and wound care nurse (and radiation team). I was treated like family. I started to respond to their positive energy. I got strength back and wonder of wonders, after two years in the house, I could go out for short periods of time to shop and be part of life again.

I now take monthly infusions of Herceptin and Zometa and the Femara. After a CT scan found some odd spots on my ovaries, I went at my oncologist's referral to a gynecological oncologist for an exam. He was cold as ice and said he could not help me since it was stage 4 breast cancer and I should go home and wait to die. He gave me prescriptions for a CT scan and blood work which I shredded. I did not like his attitude. Never tell me the odds!

I researched alternative oncologists and Dr. Charles Simone's name came up. I called and made an appointment. He greeted me with warmth and more compassion and gentleness than I had ever seen a doctor do. I bought his book on breast health and am taking the prescribed energy drink which gives me more energy than I have ever had. I also was prescribed three bottles of different vitamins... and I was put on a strict diet. I must lose some weight and walk daily. (I left) his office with hope. I now feel strong and well.

Cancer is an unwelcome intruder in my body and in my wallet. It takes more money than we have to fight this.

Never give in and never give up. There is my story (so far) and I hope it gives you hope and courage. I hate being in the hospital with the lack of freedom and being ordered around all day and poked and tested.

I will do whatever it takes to stay out of the hospital if I can avoid it. Blessings to all. Fight. Emerald Heart is a gift.

All My Love to you,



And the point is to live everything.

--Rainer Maria Rilke