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Information is empowering -- and, too much can be overwhelming. We strongly suggest that you find a physician or practitioner who will welcome your CAM questions and concerns. (see our practitioner list). Below, some links to organizations that may be helpful. Please contact us for more resources.











9. Pink Ribbon Program: Post-Operative Pilates program for recovery from breast cancer surgery. National practitioner list offers practitioners by state.


!. The Colorado Cancer Resources Guide: Cancer help organizations in the state, largely for conventional care and quality of life services.

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, Seven Levels of Healing program. (scroll down, link is in right column). FREE 7 week education and support program created by oncologist Dr. Jeremy
Geffen, author of The Journey Through Cancer: Healing & Transforming the Whole Person.



The Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation neither recommends nor endorses any particular treatment, whether complementary, alternative, or conventional. Treatment choices are personal and should always be made in consultation with your physician or other health care provider.


1. The Annie Appleseed Project: Website offers a wealth of inspiration, information, talks & resources on complementary & alternative cancer treatments. The pioneer site in CAM information.

2. The Center for Advancement in Cancer Education: Offers donation-based in-depth & individualized telephone (or in-person) counseling and referral regarding nutritional, immunological, psychological, spiritual and other holistic/non-toxic treatment resources.

6. Exceptional Cancer Patients (ECAP): Organization founded by Dr. Bernie Siegel. Information and referral; cancer retreats at modest rates.

3. Breast Cancer Choices, Inc: Information on conventional & alternative breast cancer treatments and evidence, researched ("scrutinized") by survivors. Patient advocacy.

8. Cancer Foundation: Free, personal websites for individuals with cancer and their caregivers.
Visit their
Laughing Medicine page.

7. Healing Touch Program (International). Find a healing touch practitioner or hospital program in your area. Often free. This energy medicine technique founded by a nurse has been studied and endorsed worldwide.

5. EmbodiWorks: Extensive site providing reliable, empowering information about integrative/holistic cancer care, providers and advocacy. Expansive and uniquely helpful site.

4. Manage lists organizations providing financial support, as well as legal, travel and housing resources. Conventional care is focus.

10. Wellness Directory of Minnesota: Alternative Cancer Therapies. Very good listing of non-toxic, inexpensive interventions. (Always check with your practitioner first).