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Our Mission: to provide financial support and other resources for women in effective uninsured cancer treatments.

Our vision: that all women with cancer choosing effective uninsured interventions have access to treatments enabling them to pursue healing with dignity, hope and grace.

Why our mission?

Research shows that many uninsured cancer interventions, including cancer-fighting nutrition, greatly enhance quality of life and can extend and save lives. These treatments are often part of an integrative medicine treatment plan, but for the most part are out-of-pocket costs.

Billions of dollars are raised yearly by large cancer organizations to fund research into pharmaceuticals for the future. While research is essential, it does not currently focus enough on the many promising non-toxic, nutritional and holistic interventions, and it does not help those with cancer now. For the countless women today in effective uninsured treatments who must have financial assistance in order to continue, there is little or no direct help.

We believe that we must prioritize our living loved ones.

With your
donation, you will be directly helping to extend lives, provide hope, and enhance the quality of lives for women with cancer TODAY. We provide Treatment Support Grants to women in financial need as funding allows.




The Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation is a Colorado non-profit corporation and a Federal 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. The Foundation neither recommends nor endorses any particular treatment, whether complementary, alternative, or conventional. Treatment choices are personal and should always be made in consultation with your physician or other health care provider.

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"God bless your work in bringing calm & peace to others."

--HS, donor

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