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"It (cancer) is not welcome and we have to let it know" --Joanne

Did you know:

Only 1% of NIH biomedical funds are allocated to Integrative Medicine research and yet more than two-thirds of Americans use some form of integrative care. A 2002 British study concluded:

"80% (of cancer patients) in the United States use special diets, vitamin supplements, herbal remedies or acupuncture." Nine years later, increasing numbers of patients are seeking an ever wider range of integrative treatments for cancer care.

There is growing, sound evidence for many integrative cancer treatments. Much more attention and funding must be allocated to the myriad therapies that show promise, and are successful -- like all interventions-- for some.

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The Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation neither recommends nor endorses any particular treatment, whether complementary, alternative, or conventional. Treatment choices are personal and should always be made in consultation wtih your physician or other health care provider.


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And the point is to live everything.

--Rainer Maria Rilke